March 12, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Zachary Berglund
Keket Kessindra (Daughter of the golden dragon Tirosundith, the life giver. Half golden dragon.)


Unknown Realms Game 1

Plot Synopsis

Party members were summoned into the unknown realms. The three met a fellow "Spark" that was summoned long before them. Party flew to the castle and entered on foot due to a large amount of ballista guarding the skies that are used to killing dragons.
The party first met a friendly blacksmith where they prepped and learned a bit about the world.
However, in their first encounter the three were ill-prepared as the three tpk'd. Keket used a superluck to break through a planar lock in her planeshift.
Party was rescued by the blacksmith who felt pity for them, gave them a speech of encouragement.
Party traveled and met with a witch who summoned people from beyond to assist party (i.e NPC Wyren and another NPC, only the characters listed in the adventurers are eligible to receive awards from the game)
Party finished clearing the walls and entere the dragon's den, tamed the dragons and claimed two dragon eggs

Magic items:
Lunar Scepter
Black Dragon Egg
Red Dragon Egg

3000 exp
50 gold

Noteworthy Postgame Events