March 10, 2022

Game Master
Kai Li


Ash to Ash

Plot Synopsis

Party made their way to the Land Betwix. the land has now fallen to the age of ash and the party set off to confront the heretic prophet. the party managed to make it to the castle that the prophet was. they decided to teleport past the trapped door and ended up in the middle of a mage circle and were bombarded by arcane spells and Mercy was hit with a double Ruby Death spell but thankfully avoided the first. after defeating the mage party then entered through the mist door and confronted the Heretic Prophet. after a harrowing battle and the boss sending multiple powerful spells at Lornenz including obsidians bane and scythe. finally Lorenz died at the hands of a deliver spell when the heretic prophet was forced into his second phase. however, Lorenz was successfully rezed and became a shade of the land betwix. party was able to defeat the Heretic Prophet and claim there rewards.

exp: 2,950

gold: 450

Noteworthy Postgame Events