March 08, 2022

Game Master


Lord of Light

Plot Synopsis

after having been transported to the Land Betwix. party was met by one of the maidens of Light. she told them that they were summoned here to help aid their dying world by taking the dying god. their sun. off plane so that it would have a chance to recover and bring about a new age of light. party fought there way across the lands, fighting off undead soldiers. dogs, and even facing a giant that nearly killed Vyrit. as the party reached the golden tower where the sun was they were greeted by another stranger named Solair. who guided them through a safer path to the golden tower. party ascended the tower where they then had to fight the herald of the sun. the herald nearly killed Ravanal and Ciara as well as brought down Vyrit to -5 DP. however thanks to some quick thinking of the party they were able to defeat the herald and capture the essences of the dying god who gave them the last bit of it's strength.

exp for game: 3,000

gold: 300

Noteworthy Postgame Events