August 27, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Black Ivan
Cal "The Jackal" Tepiv
Mr. Glannigan


Tanis buys a haunted house...

Plot Synopsis

Tanis had bought the manor house on an island in the west end of the Rhine Archipelago. The locals informed him that the place was haunted. Tanis brought along some folks to help investigate the manor and remove any haunting spirits. Only an hour away from the port, they encountered a sinking ship. It had hit a rock hidden under the surface. The hole created was allowing water to flood the vessel. They were able to save the crew, and gave them a longboat with which to return to shore.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. They arrived at the island and climbed the hill to the manor house. Some went directly, cutting through berry fields and orchards planted on the hill. Others went by way of the town, where they found people waiting to welcome the new owner of the manor. The people of the town are loathe to talk of the legends surrounding the house. The mayor takes it upon himself to relate some unpleasant history. Essentially, the last known owner, Argus Nenial, had died and left it to his manservant, Cedric. Cedric lived there a few years, then was found dead, hanging from the tallest tower. Later, other people tried to visit the house, and some were injured or killed. No one knows the cause of the deaths.

The party investigates the house, and finds one individual there. A man, whose name they determine is Jovia, who wears a mask that will make him invisible. They found him because the mask itself does not become invisible, even as it's wearer does. Only he can remove it. They find that Jovia is also cursed by Anubis. He must remain in the mortal realm for a long period of time to serve as punishment for some undisclosed sin. So far, it has been over 600 years. Jovia claims he isn't responsible for the deaths in the house, but that he has been disposing of the bodies down a well in the kitchen.

A few people who had split off from the main group began to search the island. They found the place where an old pier had been, and went to investigate. They found a large stone with carvings in it. They took a rubbing and returned to the group.

After some detailed searching, they find a map carved into the underside of a desk, showing the location of Argus Nenial's tomb. Some recognize it as the location of the carved stone found earlier. Translation of the rubbings confirm that it is the entrance to Nenial's Tomb.

Tanis paid the group for their time and trouble, and they returned to their homes.

Noteworthy Postgame Events