March 05, 2022

Game Master
Ana Tepiv


First Light 2

Plot Synopsis

With their goal on the map, the party takes the Skyrunner across the island of Devimetra and arrives shortly at a small camp, made up of a small nomadic rondo. A foreboding ziggurat stands in the distance. Looking around the camp, the party discovers that they are camping out here because their summer settlement was destroyed by the smoky monster they pursue, and they are trying to make their way across the mountains to safety. A man dressed as a shrimp calling himself Shrimp is frying rice, and offers his food to the party. "Spice" manages to get his hands on the secret recipe to this delicious rice.

Some members of the party elect to scout around, and discover that a small group of smoke monsters is searching through a field of cattails, searching about for something. As they move, they leave dead and dry trails of smoke behind them. As the creatures exit the cattails and spot the rondo and party, combat ensues and the creatures are quickly dispatched.

Taking pity on the injured party, the nomads offer their help and healing. With the day fading, the party decides to rest up and recover before venturing to the ziggurat and killing the creature's main body once and for all. The night goes smoothly overall, and the next morning, they make their way through the mangrove forests. As they draw closer to the ziggurat, strange, weathered glass statues can be seen scattered about the landscape. Chased through the interior of the ziggurat by thousands of rabid rats, the party finds themselves making their way through a maze, guided only by vague hints given by an odd mural that depicts a mysterious minor divine figure clashing against a dark god and falling to the Beneath.

exp: 2,500

Noteworthy Postgame Events