February 26, 2022

Game Master
Ana Tepiv


First Light

Plot Synopsis

The party arrives at the camp of a group of monster hunters: the Daybreak Vanguard squad of the mysterious Luminance Order. They brief the party on what they are hunting: a strange, semi-incorporeal creature, most likely undead, with a taste for slaughtering civilians. A scout returns from the woods injured, reporting a sighting of such a creature. The party tracks its trail of dead grass, trees, and ominous smoking goop to where it is running towards Sunkissed Pier. They engage in battle, and Sy-Medrir defeats it with a critical fork to the throat. Instead of dying, though, it condenses in a tiny ball and whizzes to the northeast.

Tracking it for about a day, the party finds a dilapidated village, seeming to have been abandoned about a century ago. They make camp in the village, and rest for an uneventful night - aside from the screaming mask of the creature watching them from the shadows. The next morning, the party finds a hidden door inside a cathedral. It leads down into a secret lab underneath the village, where Mindra Vii decodes notes and journal entries from a mage who continuously went mad seeking to create a Philosopher’s Stone. The spirit enters the room, screaming nonsense and searching for things, but ignores the party. After experimenting with some potions with various results, the party manages to trap the mad mage’s spirit in water, then inside a brick. They plan to take the trapped soul to an Anubian temple later - for now, their next destination is the swamps of Memeliki, where the mad mage may have executed his plan regarding the Philosopher’s Stone.

Kioni is GM for game. Noah is co-GM

Noteworthy Postgame Events