February 26, 2022

Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli


Echoes - Act I

Plot Synopsis

Party was dispatched to the House Castefort emissary in the city of Soko, located in Dahabu, who was reporting strange seismic activity that could be felt all over both Cahyali and Jaern. The wastelands of Dahabu seemed to hold the sources of these shockwaves, as reported by Castefort emissary Prof. Marcia Helevor (and her assistant Hivog the jumpy gnome). This session consisted of some very well-played RP that saw the party discuss and finalize a contract with House Castefort, assist in saving Professor Helevor from the burning tavern where she was staying (along with her other assistant Pietro), and discuss the possible origins of some strange stone tablatures found in Marcia's home. Meanwhile, Powder chased Hivog a lot after he scared her. It was short, sweet, and entertaining.

Noteworthy Postgame Events