February 20, 2022

Game Master


Lycan Steel

Plot Synopsis

The party went off to find a missing research team that went off to an island in the north of Lojem. however the party found that the entire island was an artificial ecosystem and that the werewolves tribe of the island had hunted them. only one was alive. Party then joined in the night of the hunt and they found that the moons were what brought upon the werewolves powers. so party fought the moons. and the guardian spirits that inhabited both of them. party was able to use spirit snare on both of them and now are trapped by Ciriasse. both Gardenia and Maris were killed in the ensuing fight and then Cyndir rate burned to restore their souls as they were taken (using both affinity field and true metabolism). both Gardenia and Maris also lost their Isis rez on this game.

exp: 3,000

Noteworthy Postgame Events