September 10, 2005

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)


Adventurers are contact by Tovin to scout several potential new excavation sites on an extremely dry world.

Plot Synopsis

The Adventurers are contacted by Tovin to scout several new potential excavation sites on an extremely dry world. The dig crew isn.t large enough to survey all the potential sites, so contracting Adventurers. Tovin states that there have been no signs of life on this world, so consequently, there is little chance of running into trouble. He offers 250 silver to the group if they scout the sites. The group agrees and they are led to a portal. The world on the other side, devoid of water, offers little in the way of scenery, and Tovin gives them a map highlighting several areas to look around at, mainly concentrated in some hills to the northeast.

The trip is supposed to take around two days by foot, but, after a long discussion about the gravitational properties of Elves, the group departs via Shadow Draco. As they pass over the hills on the map, a series of patterns on the ground becomes visible, seeming to be a series of outwardly radiating lines, arranged like city streets. The group lands and looks around. Dalia locates a half buried metal pod, inside which are several interconnected metal cylinders. The group also comes across several ruined sections of wall, which appear to be lined with some kind of unknown metal. Several reptilian skeletons are also uncovered. The group then decides to walk to the next closer location on the map. As they walk, Selina narrowly avoids a section of ground as it collapses under her. Inside the hole is a section of metal lined corridor, another skeleton, and a pedestal with several glowing icons on it. Nefta experimentally works the icons, causing an image of a circular map to appear over the pedestal, seeming to outline what been the city at one point. All of the group exits the hole except Selina, who goes ethereal and moves down through the lower levels of the underground, eventually coming across a long tunnel with a fat, humming pipe in it. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to cause it to explode, and leaves the group, settling for pulling random chunks of ruins out of the ground and collecting them into a large pile.

The rest of the group keeps moving, and comes across a trail of unusually fresh footprints, but they decide not to follow them. Just before nightfall, Nefta just happens to be walking and comes across a device which shows a complete virtual image of this previously underwater city in its heyday. She takes the device along. As night falls, they make camp. During Siilex.s watch, a light tremor shakes the ground, and he goes off to investigate the sound of crumbling ground. He finds a long metal pod like the one found earlier, though this one is several hundred feet long and mostly buried. Siilex locates a top hatch and pokes around inside, encountering several compartments filled with seats, and a skeleton across two of them, along with this victim.s apparent last words scrawled on several sheets of paper. He translates them with a fluency spell, noting several mentions of a catastrophe and a following malfunction. He takes the papers along and investigates the rest of the pod, locating a command area and more utilitarian sections, before rendezvousing with the others, and managing to relocate Selina via fireball flares. Selina opts not to return to the base camp and teleports home, while the others return to the camp, bringing the device and several pages of notes. Tovin is quite thrilled, and pays the group, stating that he may have more jobs for them in the near future. They return to Jaern through the portal.

Payment: 250 sp
Experience: 2500 exp

Noteworthy Postgame Events