February 13, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Lauren Gardner


Encroaching Storm IV

Plot Synopsis

So. Before the session even began Rah'kuk saw Retsu approach the party and immediately successfully DIed to Neptune, who proceeded to turn Retsu into an octopus for a week. After that fantastic diversion, party reconvened and discussed the materials recovered from Kelbelar's manor. Reaching a conclusion that they should bring this information to the Vormaxians, they scheduled a meeting with the head of government Nivia. Come the next day and Retsu has acquired a pair of hands to threaten Rah'kuk with. Party gave the papers to Nivia, who seemed put off by the fact that they broke into Kelbelar's manor. To rectify this, Retsu sucked face and transplanted a false memory in her head. Nivia then discussed the documents with them again and had a discussion about a mystic At'enian and Vormaxian artifact that the head archivist was searching for. As a result, Marik wrote pornographic fanfiction about the two Gods and got it published via Hirudo shenanigans and blackmail. Party escorted the now released Sarah and Gorth back to the college where a case on Kelbelar is now being officially opened.

Noteworthy Postgame Events