February 12, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Lauren Gardner
Samuel Bearington


Beneath the Frozen Plains III

Plot Synopsis

So. Party started with Vulture and Timmy dropping from portals in the sky directly into a snowbank close by them. After some introductions, party attempted and eventually succeeded in quite literally breaking and entering into a store where they took two padlocks. After party returned to a separate shop nearby the next morning, they saw the guards interviewing the shop owner. Ves told the guards a lie while Timmy distracted them with his cakes. and now the guards are looking for the GM's PC Share Cohn in the town of Ocean's Shore. Party then returned to Fatima to discuss ways to get into the Beneath, where they discovered a few options. One option was summoning a succubus from the Beneath named Laveria who took a year off Timmy's life in return for giving the party some basic information on where the prison for the coins is. Laveria also left Timmy with an offer or two, throwing him into a spiral as he slipped into unconsciousness after some fuckywucky. Meanwhile, Korvinus and Marlen were planning to kill a bitch. Literally just any bitch that could be found being a dick to serving staff. This venture brought the party to Port Davis where they kidnapped a man named Gary, but managed to chaos literally nearly every person within the tavern to cast all different types of magic and run to the nearest river, which happened to be on Slet'Ceth. The session ended with party basking in the river while Korvinus had a mental breakdown in the foliage. Extra 500 XP for good RP.

Noteworthy Postgame Events