February 17, 2022

Game Master
Richard Walls
Badigadi (Priest Lizard Six arms, 9ft tall)
Cyindir (Cinder) (Sacrifice everything for more power)


Substitute Soul Reaper Program IV

Plot Synopsis

The Substitutes were called in for budget justification and to eliminate the Bount population on Earth and meet up with the AQA's prominent members as they assisted them in locating and travelling to their location - a repurposed academy that was being used by the terrorist Bount Pearl and his harem of lady Bounts. The party made short work of the gathered forces with some difficulty, due to the unique and varied powers of the gathered vampires, but managed to avoid death as they took one Bount alive and another dead but revived to be handed over to the AQA for species preservation purposes. In the struggle, Ciara was bit by a dropping Bount and has yet to exhibit powers but was warned against the infectious nature of their bite so only time will tell how they develop.

Noteworthy Postgame Events