February 12, 2022

Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli


The Dream Incursion - Episode 5: One Last Huzzah

Plot Synopsis

This session was essentially a boss crawl against Qar'Ixil, the King of Spiders, who was the demon responsible for the slaughters and atrocities committed by Tassarion. The fight was long and grueling, but party eventually triumphed despite Ayuz getting eaten and Silas taking C4 to the face, courtesy of Ayuz. Upon his death, Qar'Ixil mused about how he could have been banished so easily, but dismissed it as a novelty and warned the adventurers that they had unleashed something with cosmic repercussions onto the planes, and he hoped they could live with the magnitude of their actions. Then he vanished back to the Beneath, denying party a kill. They then turned their attention to Tassarion, who appeared to be suffering from some form of amnesia or memory lapse. Through interrogation and a convenient appearance from the guardian spirit Leonidas, they were able to learn that Tassarion was actually a nomad from a village on the border of the Dusk and Equinox Courts named Jayrus Two-Shadows. His nomadic focus had been corrupted by a malicious spirit thought to have come from within the Dusk Court, forcing Leonidas out of the object and possessing him wholly, driving him to psychopathy in the process. This newfound sadism was what had attracted Qar'Ixil to him in the first place. Disappointed in his reversion to a "normal" nomad, the party simply left him to fend for himself, and assisted the Winter Court in a quick mop-up before departing back to their respective homes via a portal leading to the CIA's beachhead on Buyuk Vahsi, bringing the campaign to a close. Jayrus, aka Tassarion, is now attempting to make his way in a world that knows him as a serial killer, so many trials surely await him...

Noteworthy Postgame Events