January 29, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Sean L McLane
Hex (Young unassuming human guy. He is an excellent buccaneer.)
Cal 'The Jackal' Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)


YOUR HELP IS STILL NEEDED! We have processed some of the information gathered from previous missions, and are ready to start acting upon it. We were having an item delivered to us to help, but it was stolen while en route. We have an informant for you to meet to get details about the thief so they can be tracked down and dealt with, to recover the item. We promise no underwater encounters this time. Mittens still recommended. It's cold outside!

Plot Synopsis

The group gathers once again in the Centralia Mages' Guild. They are told that the information has been analyzed, and that a very powerful entity known as the Spring Queen was involved. A device was located that can gain access to her realm, but the couriers who were delivering it were ambushed and killed, and the device stolen. An informant has more information, but refuses to come to Centralia to divulge what he knows. Everyone will have to travel to Lojem, and meet him at the 13 Corners Tavern, just outside Rougtero.
Once again, Cal provides transport, by letting everyone into his pocket dimension, and transporting himself to Rougtero. Due to time differences between Centralia and Rougtero, they arrive 8 hours before their scheduled meeting. They putter around for a bit, then end up going to the Tavern, to get breakfast and hang out inside where it's warm.
Upon arrival, they find the architecture of the Tavern interesting. It is an 8-pointed building, with tables set on platforms that spiral around the outside, each one being in a dimly lit corner. There are a total of 13 platforms with tables on them. In the center of the building is a 20-foot tall troll, named Kevin, dressed in a tuxedo, and acting as a waiter. His limited intelligence prevents him from doing much, though, aside from lifting food from the ground to the upper levels. Yes, Kevin is a dumb waiter.
Near the entrance to the tavern there is a statue of a grinning man, reaching forward as though trying to pluck something with two fingers. On the statue's chest, there is a sign that says, "DO NOT TRY TO STEAL CLOVER's VEIL!"
There are a number of unique servers working at the tavern, including a centaur, a minotaur, a harpy, a medusa, and an ogre. The hostess is a Dullahan, a shapely woman whose head happens to not be attached. She guides them to table 6, and informs them that their server today will be Clover. Clover is a young woman with a soft voice and has her face covered by a veil. A couple more perceptive members of the group notice that her hair occasionally moves of its own accord, and seems to be made of tiny snakes. Hex ponders trying to steal the veil, but is persuaded not to do so by other members of the party.
After a hearty breakfast, and disappointment that alcohol is not served before noon, the informant finally arrives to give more details to everyone. The courier had been escorted by four warriors, and all were killed. The thief is located in a cave, part way up Mount Fajro.
Not having any further questions, they set out, transported rapidly by the extreme flying speed of Cal, he lets them out after finding the entrance to the cave. They all go in, and find it is rather dark inside. Cal pulls out his Orb of Daylight, and all can see once more. Down into the cave they go, finding it featureless as they venture in. around a bend, the floor turns to sand. Cautiously they venture forward, and ahead of them they see a figure wearing a white cape, which had been described as an identifier by the informant. They called out several questions to the figure, which did not respond. Finally Wynn just shoots the figure, which falls over, because it was just a mannequin. This however, had provided enough of a delay for the thief to finish casting a non-verbal spell, Muck. Half the party was caught in the spell and began sinking. The figure then cast a black beam at Cal, who then rushed forward to grapple the spellcaster, who was shrouded with a field of darkness. The next few rounds are a struggle, as those caught inexorably sink, Cal continues to hold the spellcaster, bringing him back toward the group. Odespino, meanwhile was casting a multi-round spell. Finally, when all hope seems lost for the three caught in the Muck, Odespino finishes casting his Divine Revocation, and cancels the spell, turning the Muck to sand once again. At the same time, from the direction of the cave entrance another black beam comes, this time targeting the figure being held by Cal. The figure shivers for a moment, then dies, and a moment later, turns to dust.
Cal was able to detect the soul of his prisoner being drawn away up the cavern.
Everyone spends several minutes digging the rest of the group out of the sand, then go deeper into the cave. They find a simple living arrangement with a wooden chest. Inside the chest are some clothes, and a Y-shaped branch of wood. Odespino informs everyone that this is what they are looking for. No other items of value are found.
On the way out of they cavern, the group encounters a figure clad in blue armor, wearing a large sword. Once again, Big Blue menaces them verbally, but does not impede them. Hex asked the armored man what was up, and he responded, "Oh baby, it's cold outside." He directly asked why everyone was acting as lackeys to the gods, pointedly directing some questions at Medrir, who began questioning his own motives for these missions.
After a bit of verbal sparring, the group departed as Big Blue watched them go.

Noteworthy Postgame Events