January 22, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Sean L McLane
Cal 'The Jackal' Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Hex (Young unassuming human guy. He is an excellent buccaneer.)


YOUR HELP IS STILL NEEDED!Centralia Mages Guild, with co-sponsorship from the Solarium and Natatorium have begun processing the information that was retrieved in the last mission. While we attempt to make heads or tails of that, we are sending our agent Odespino to a couple of temples to meet with high-ranking officials who may have some information for us. Please escort him to ensure his safety. Swimsuits and sunglasses recommended.

Plot Synopsis

Once again, the group meets at the Centralia Mages' Guild. While the information gathered from the previous mission is analyzed, Odespino needs to be escorted to visit a particular Natatorium and Solarium to receive special information they have for him.
Everyone departs for the harbor, where they enter the Natatorium. Everyone has a Neptune Breathing spell cast upon them, with the exception of Medrir, who has Gills cast upon him instead, out of deference to his Nomadic heritage. They all get into a very very large Giant Clam, which closes upon them, then casts Sea Port upon itself to transport the group to a distant ocean location. Once there, Odespino guides them toward the Natatorium, though communication proves difficult underwater. Along the way, they are attacked by a bunch of sharks. Wynn finds his firearms are not as effective underwater, and Cal finds that his lightning bolts are too effective, acting as Area of Effect spells with similar dimensions to fireballs, catching himself in the blast. The sharks end up being defeated, however, though it was a close call for Hex, whom the sharks seem to have found particularly tasty. At the urging of his guardian spirit, Medrir eats some shark meat.
Once they reach the Natatorium, Odespino is taken to a private chamber, where he meets with a high-ranking priest who had cast Commune to get some special information directly from Neptune. Though he did not divulge the information to everyone else, Odespino seems to have been left stunned by the revelation.
They returned to Centralia City, and were told they could be sun-ported to the Solarium on Mount Fajro, on the island of Lojem. Cal offered to transport everyone instead, by having them get into an alternate dimension for which he carries the entrance portal on his person. He then takes them to Rougtero, and from there flies to the top of Mount Fajro. At the Solarium, Odespino meets with another high-ranking priest, who also cast Commune, this time to Ra, and gives the information, once more leaving the priest of Neptune stunned.
The group starts heading down the road from the top of the volcano again, and on the way, meet a man, clad in blue plate armor, with a very large sword slung across his back. Everyone is immediately suspicious, though the man takes no hostile action. He simply engages in conversation, asking why they are doing what they do. When told about the blizzard, he says that he somewhat likes it, as the cold never bothered him, anyway. Extremely wary of the man, whom the party dubbed "Big Blue", they continue on down the slope. Big Blue does nothing to stop them as he watches them pass by.
The group returns to the Centralia Mages' Guild.

Noteworthy Postgame Events