September 24, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Ian Seelbach
Black Ivan
Cal "The Jackal" Tepiv
Anna - Priestess of Isis


Adventurers wanted to track down clues about the plague. If interested, seek Anna at the Stopover Inn at 10 a.m.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers all arrive at the meeting place on time, finding Anna as well as a few associates waiting. She explains to the adventurers that now that the spread of the plague has been somewhat curtailed, and now that all those affected have the possibility of receiving treatment, the efforts in finding out about origins and possible permanent cures have been increased. Information gathered has led to a former Atenan priestess by the name of Lethaia who, shortly before the leaving of the gods, was removed from her position due to her irregular actions in regards to doomsday prophecies she was making. Apparently she had been making predictions about a great death coming, but no one else in the temple could see anything about this catastrophe, so based upon Lethaia.s strange behaviors (along with personal tragedies soon before these predictions) she was assumed to be simply deranged, and was removed from her position. After the gods disappeared, she gathered some followers and retreated into the mountainous regions in her homeland of Lakdamon.

Once the current plague broke out of its containment and began spreading worldwide, unique events from Lethaia.s predictions were recognized in what was happening, and the records were given over to those in charge of plague relief efforts. Since few other leads have been forthcoming, Anna would like a group of adventurers to find and retrieve any further knowledge this former Atenan priestess might have in relation to the disease. Though she would prefer a non-violent method of gaining this information, reports of the fanaticism of Lethaia.s followers and the enormity of the plague problem have caused Anna to advise the adventurers to use whatever means are necessary to get the information.

When all the questions the adventurers had were answered, they set out through a secured portal hub and arrived at Syracuse, where they caught a boat and sailed two days to the Lakdamonian mainland. Anna and her entourage remained at the port, while the adventurers set off southwest through hilly farmlands. Midday the next day, they reach the mountains proper, where they were given a radius area where the location of Lethaia.s sanctuary should be located. Four densely forested mountains lay within this radius, and the adventurers decide to head straight into the middle of them. Once they begin traveling up one of the middle mountains, many of the party spot lookout positions high in the trees. The ones they found were abandoned, but they continued to investigate them. As it became dark, from one of these lookouts they spotted small trails of smoke to both the east and the west. They decided to press on into the night as they began traveling towards the eastern signs, Steve leading the way with his glowing shield. Soon after dark, a good look by Reficul spots another one of the lookout spots, this one occupied. Once this is subtly pointed out to the party, the lookout is soon taken, but not until after shouting a loud warning. After the warning, the captive acts mute to all questions, until Cal uses a spell to break his loyalties. The captive is still uncooperative after this until offered some very fine alcohol, at which point he reveals that Lethaia is currently being housed at the western encampment.

After receiving this information, the party decided to backtrack a little and rest for the night. Before the first watch started, they noticed the absence of Brigit, but decided to not worry about it. What was more worrying was the increase of animal sounds in the forest, some of which were in definite patterns, likely codes as noticed by several party members. Soon into the first watch, Black Ivan noticed a reflection off of something in the woods. Charging up to it, he found a startled man wielding a spear and dressed for stealth. The man attacked him, and more came out of the woods nearby sleeping party members while arrows began to rain from the woods. A hard-fought battle later, during which Brigit appeared and began using Launch Weapon against archers in the trees, the party stood with many injuries but no fatalities. Several of their attackers had been captured as well, proving to be no more helpful than the first captive had been at first. Brigit surprised one by offering to travel alone to meet the priestess. After warnings and assurances had been given, she and one of the captives set off alone for the western encampment, while the rest of the party continued their resting periods. The captive sent signals to men hidden in the trees, and they reached the camp unharmed.

Upon arriving at the camp, Brigit was escorted to Lethaia in a large meeting hall, where she stood with a group of confidantes. Brigit attempted to question her, but was initially met with inane ramblings upon the nature of gods, death, and the end of the world. After some time talking and listening to the insane rambling, it became somewhat clear that Lethaia.s early prophecies were of a great death that only the power of Isis could prevent from destroying everything, and since the fall/disappearance/death of the gods, Lethaia believes that the whole world is doomed. After a little more philosophizing on the reason for this death, including the possibility that it is the doing of Anubis or perhaps T.or, putting justice down onto the world, Brigit decides that she has learned enough and is able to leave without harm. She does not make it back to camp until morning has dawned, and the party returns to the boat.

After a full report by the adventurers and Brigit, Anna seems disturbed but thanks them for their troubles. She pays them the agreed upon amounts and the boat sets for Syracuse. Along the return journey, Anna is seen to be rather shocked and aloof from her companions. The return journey is completed without complications.

Noteworthy Postgame Events