January 15, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Sean L McLane
Crow (Deus's business representative... sometimes)
Hex (Young unassuming human guy. He is an excellent buccaneer.)
Cal 'The Jackal' Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)


YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! The Blizzard engulfing the world shows no signs of abating, and is heading toward catastrophe! Adventurers are needed to investigate the source of the blizzard to determine what it is causing it, and hopefully we can figure out how to stop it. Please report to the Centralia Mages' Guild for the mission. Bring your mittens. It's cold outside. This mission is endorsed by the Natatorium and the Solarium.

Plot Synopsis

Upon reporting to the Centralia Mages' Guild, the adventurers were told that the Blizzard appears to be supernatural in origin, and needs to be investigated so it can be stopped. They are introduced to a Priest of Neptune, named Odespino, who will be accompanying them on this investigation. He will be carrying a couple of magical crystals which will measure the source, if it can be located.
Everyone is told to meet at the Wharf, where an extremely large ice skimmer, borrowed from one of the Lords as a cashed in Favor, is waiting for them. The skimmer, named the Sea Wolf, takes them north from Centralia to the island of Frosland. They dock at a city there, and begin their trek inland.
A couple hours into their journey, Zebulon and Cal, the only two members of the party with psionics, hear a psychic screaming off in the distance. It is wordless, yet never-ending. Cal takes it upon himself to rush forward, flying at great speed toward the screaming. A few moments later, the group is attacked by four snow leopards. Through a pitched battle, the leopards are defeated. Cal turned back upon hearing the sound of Wynn's rifle shot, but did not arrive until the cats were defeated. At the urging of his guardian spirit, Medrir eats some meat from one of the leopards.
Together, they all go forward to find the source of the screaming. They find a glowing, irregularly shaped 'hole' in the fabric of reality, which seems to be the center of the global storm, judging by the way the clouds are circling overhead. Odespino uses the crystals to determine that the magic involved is divine, and very, very powerful. Cal peers at the rift, to determine that there is, yet is not, a soul involved in the magic. The group withdraws, and takes the information back to the Mages' Guild.

Noteworthy Postgame Events