January 29, 2022

Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli
Lavare and Lorenz (respectively)


The Dream Incursion - Episode 3: The Silence of Ice and Shadow

Plot Synopsis

Searching through the tunnels and caverns of Rimewind Glacier for the source of a mysterious female voice calling at their minds and hearts, the party thoroughly explored the Winter Court's principal location while guided faithfully by Laera, who at this point has a mortal fear and truly resents Fyen for the way she's been treated by her. In this way, they soon descended into the Eye of the Blizzard, a mysterious ice cavern that no living thing has ever escaped from and was said to be guarded by an ancient monstrosity older than the Dreaming itself, according to Laera at least. This monstrosity was soon revealed to be a mysterious woman dressed in the ragged dress befitting a royal bride, mourning the loss of her family and searching for them endlessly by cruelly tormenting lost spirits. Among the White Lady's victims that the party could see was the spirit of Fyen's mother, Bella Juneflower, who was desperate to make cont act with her daughter after years of isolation. First, of course, they had to defeat the White Lady and her cruel permafrost magic, which they did with relative ease. It was then revealed to them that Bella's spirit was in a curious state of flux, and Fyen had the opportunity to restore her vitality and bring her back to the world of the living. To do so, however, would require some serious changes on Fyen's part, namely a large decrease in the amount of senseless violence that she revels in. Discussing this turn of events held the party's attention as they prepared to move further into Inisheller Keep and confront Tassarion, and his newfound source of power.

Noteworthy Postgame Events