January 29, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Steven (Spice)
Nick (Wyn)
Jack (Uthor)
Gilly (Chris)
Logan (Kaimen)
Connor (Ignis)
Evan (Mesa)


Hook: Countdown Episode 3 ~ Continue capturing disarmed doomsday super weapons.

Plot Synopsis

Countdown ~ Game 2 Write Up:
Jan 29th 2022

GM: Gabriel Welinder
1. Steven (Spice)
2. Nick (Wyn)
3. Jack (Uthor)
4. Gilly (Chris)
5. Logan (Kaimen)
6. Connor (Ignis)
7. Evan (Mesa)

Plot Synopsis: Party revisits the mysterious hirer, is given new instructions and coordinates, then set off to the western outskirts of Ruefang to recover to begin acquiring the Null Cannons.
Rewards were 125 gold, 2500 exp (5000 for low rates), each person in party was allowed to have a piece of armor of equal or less value than Banded Steel to celebrate their victory over the big Crocagator.

Noteworthy Postgame Events