February 05, 2022

Game Start Date
Game Master
Eric Liu


Morto'tempo III

Plot Synopsis

The party begins the heist for the Milphite Crystals, after setting up an HQ in the workers’ town of Craigston, where a gondola lift provides access to the Dævian Arcanologies R&D Center in the Guardian’s Ridge. Galaxy-Eye kills a gnome and stuffs him in a toilet, while Spice and Man successfully get jobs at Dævian. The others prepare various goods and supplies, while hashing out the plan… Timmy finds Fred Donovan’s house, and steals a photo album to disguise himself as Fred’s wife, an important liaison who works in the city of Port. Spice contributes to the War Effort by leaving behind notes to help Ley’Ork develop special Emotional Manipulation weapons to fight against the Splint revolutionaries. Man cleans a toilet. The heist goes off, and after some tribulations involving Disinterest spells, Kenny, and friendly fire, the party manages to get the Metioujo skyship out of the hanger and into the air… they activate the escape portal, and they can see the eye of the storm billowing on Jaern, and the island of Frøsland… the only safe place to fly a skyship due to the worldwide blizzard.

Playtest EXP 2700

Noteworthy Postgame Events