October 01, 2005

Game Master
Bob Richey
Amorphous Bob (T'orite trap detector, extraordinaire!)


Individuals needed to undertake an important mission. Those interested meet in room three of the Weary Scholar at noon. Be prepared for immediate departure.

Plot Synopsis

The party assembles at the appropriate time. A man comes in and reads them a piece of paper, outlining their mission. A demonic energy source has been found and needed to be destroyed. A specialty hammer has been prepared to smash the crystal serving as the demon's power focus. 300 sp is offered if they are successful.

They sail for five days to get to the island. Jennifer does a fly over of the island and spots two caves. When the party investigates, both turn out to be caved in and they spend the better part of an hour digging before Val offers to clear out the rubble in a matter of seconds.

Dalia goes in first and encounters a man who casts a spell at her. She becomes forlorn and has lost all hope in succeeding in this mission and everything else. Jennifer flies in and attacks the man, killing him rather messily. They find the man has several pieces of dismembered people on him as accessories.

The continue into the caves, encountering a loudly squeeking door and a room full of cages. The prisoners seem badly and extensively tortured, and unwilling to be rescued. When Bob opens the cages, one prisoner attempts to Deliver him, another begins casting but is Frozen before finishing.

Jen and Val lead the way forward, setting off a mankiller. They encounter another person with dismembered body parts, whom they quickly kill. Bob takes the materials into his possession, thinking he knows what their functions are.

During further searching, they hear a series of horrible shrieks echoing trhough the cave.

Eventually they find the room with a large crystal. It is gaurded by a Large battle axe wielding man. when they aprroach, shadow gardians appear and attack Ember who turns into Cronk and starts smashing stuff. After a large amount of convoluted planning, they kill Cronk/Ember and the guy with the axe.

Val and Jennifer leave at that point. bob sends the remaining party away so he can break the crystal despite the overwhelming sense of danger. Upon smashing it, he is hit with numerous spell effects, the first half of which kill him.

The party comes back to look for bob and find his body and remnants of crystal. They take his body back with them.

Upon returning to Rougtero, they are told they were unsuccessful in destroying the crystal and only recieve half payment.

Bob is taken to the Stockade and treated accordingly for someone who has died in a noble cause.

Noteworthy Postgame Events