January 29, 2022

Game Start Date
Game Master
Eric Liu
Spice (Zachary Playtest)


Morto'tempo II

Plot Synopsis

The party climbed the road to Firehammer Hold, where they interacted with a few familiar faces, and saw the busy inner streets, rails, and operation of the many-tiered city of Firehammer Hold. Taking the lift all the way to the topmost tier, some shenanigans were had with a ballista and some cake. They then climbed even higher, and noticed the tell-tale sign of the Ordo Kronus in an abandoned watch tower. They climbed even further, and felt strange temporal effects, as space and time were twisted around them, pieces of the mountain floating while afterburn images and trails of their movements stuttered around them. They reached the top by climbing through on rope ladders, and found a small temple that must have once belonged to At’ena, but was corrupted and a rift in time opened up to a past or future apocalypse. After investigating the crypt, they met Fabian, a member of the Ordo Kronus, who they magicked into not caring about The One With A Thousand Eyes. They convinced him to reveal part of their plan, and also to close the time rift and go get pizza on Cahyali… Meanwhile Vulture communed with OWATE.

They met Cyindr who was also in Cahyali looking for adventurers to hire to steal a large cache of Milphite Crystals from the HTUC, specifically Dævian Arcanologies.

Playtest EXP 2700

Noteworthy Postgame Events