January 28, 2022

Game Master


A Night Amidst Neon

Plot Synopsis

The party arrives at the nightclub well into the night. People are already crowded and dancing inside, making it initially hard to identify anyone who may be a Hirudo or vampire. Chrys notices an incomplete ring of terisium around the dance floor, and takes a moment to stuff the gap with random junk, so that anyone they may end up battling cannot complete the loop. Shaggy, Moth, and Cyindr go to the bar. A blonde, ditzy woman shows up soon enough, revealing herself quickly to be the ringleader of the Hirudo they are looking for and taking offense to the idea of Jaernians invading her space. She begins a fight with the party, as the rest of the crowd scatters and leaves things behind. After a difficult battle, the party kills the ringleader and Ravanal, who arrived fashionably late a ways into the fight, takes a lackey captive and imprisons him back in Midnight’s Rest.
Earnings: 2700 EXP, 200 gold, magic items

(note, this is a write up for Kioni's game as they do not have GM privilege's yet on the website

Noteworthy Postgame Events