February 01, 2022

Game Master
Mae Viz


The Eternal Moon over Gentle Fields

Plot Synopsis

Party arrives at Shouyue village at about noon and participates in the festival a little. They notice a magical bubble around the village and the closest mountain that they have no problem passing through. They buy some trinkets from people selling things and are led to the village elder’s house to find information about the dragon they’re looking for. To their surprise, the village elder is safe and sound. Curious and suspicious, the party begins up the path to the mountain where the dragon lives, but must pass outside of the bubble to skirt around a large lake. There, they are attacked by a small evil spirit, which they defeat easily.

Entering back into the bubble, it is a peaceful walk to the top of the mountain. About halfway there, they come across a pool full of tiny nature spirits living in lotus flowers. They follow the party up to a cave at the peak of the mountain and enter. Inside, they figure out that a painting on the wall is actually a portal, and go through to Yuezhi, the Guardian Long’s domain. She apologizes to them there for the deception and reveals she is the one who sent the hiring; she is weakened, in threat of her bubble dropping, and needs their help to defeat a demon and save the village. Before the party leaves, William has intimate relations with the dragon.

The party heads back to the village and puts together a plan to kill this demon, named Dave, with the fireworks they bought earlier. At midnight of the new year, the bubble drops and the party has to fight off a wave of smaller demons before Dave appears. They fight well, and it explodes into shadow upon its defeat, along with the hordes of smaller demons. Yuezhi reappears after Dave’s death and gifts the party some of her enchanted treasures as a thank-you.
Earnings: 2700 EXP, 0 gold, magic items

(note, this is the write up for Kioni's Game. since they do not have GM privilege's yet)

Noteworthy Postgame Events