January 29, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Lauren Gardner
Samuel Bearington


Beneath the Frozen Plains

Plot Synopsis

The party had received word from Fatima that there was a task that she needed help with. Well, not really a simple task, more of a quest. With a high percentage of death. But that is besides the point! She explained to party the dangers of the growing effects of the coin and the necessary journey to the Beneath to return the coins. After some further exposition dumps she gave party a lot of gold to spend and three letters of introduction to what she described as "associates." After this was done she saw party off after they ran through her cafeteria again. Three sandwiches and a deepthroated fish later, party managed to buy passage on the ship Respare came in to return to Centralia City. Onboard the ship the party spent a majority of the time getting to know each other and threatening each other, they managed to make it to Centralia in one piece. Upon arriving they decided to sleep onboard the ship due to outrageous Inn prices. Important notes: Samuel saw the Squallfang in a memory of Respares. The effects of this (as dictated by Ryan) will continue to grow over time. 500 extra XP rewarded for nearly two and a half hours of some fantastic RP onboard the boat.

Noteworthy Postgame Events