January 30, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Lauren Gardner
Keket Kessindra (Daughter of the golden dragon Tirosundith, the life giver. Half golden dragon.)


Continuing the search for evidence to clear Sarah Franks name. Party begins by searching the murder victims house.

Plot Synopsis

Party began the session by searching Alice Sheska's home, where they found evidence of her and Sarah Frank being friends since childhood, evidence of them planning a vacation together, a dagger similar to the one that she had been killed with (state issued), and a journal that spanned the events of the year up until her death. After succeeding and failing to make sandwiches, the party left the house to sleep in shifts. First shift half of the party went to Providence Keep to take a look at the rough scene of the crime. After Keket used her assassin skills, she got a couple of theories on how the murder may have transpired. The shifts switched after this and the remaining members of party went to try to talk to the higher up Vormaxians. Here they spoke with Kevin, an associate worker with the Master of Law Coleen, and Nivia, the head of government. After these party members found out that Helmsrest had been swapped with a backlog of cases ever since the riots, the three rotating judges have been working non-stop. They also got the name of the prosecutor, George Alamacus. After some tension filled discussion and many Shivers later, party discovered that George was both paid and blackmailed by an unknown individual who had placed threats on his and his daughters lives. Party forced George to give them their stay in the case and sent him and his daughter off to Midnight's Rest for temporary safety. Recieved an extra 200 XP for good communication and roleplay while online.

Noteworthy Postgame Events