October 08, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Virgil (The last true priest of Anubis)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)


Garjek wants people...

Plot Synopsis

Tobias shows up first and checks out the place, Tanis comes in next followed by Virgil. Virgil sits at the bar and is served by Brax a bartender who is also an adventurer. Stepan then shows up just as Tobias steps out to view the Plague line. Tobias is directed to Garjek. They all sit down with Garjek at a corner table and the bartender sits down as well. Garjek tells them that he is subcontracting out the retrieval of the plant for a third unnamed party. He also would like their assistance it finding a rod. He tells them about the plant they will be looking for. Tanis asks to see it and when handed the leaf is warned not to lick it. Tobias offers some silver to do so and Virgil takes him up on it. Virgil licks the plant leaf sample and his tongue begins to swell after a few minutes. Garjek explains about the small demons on the island that ate his last group of botanists.

Offers 100sp a day plus 400 silver for retrieving the plant and 1000 sp to combat any danger. He tells them to meet him at the Skipping Stone a small sloop moored of the Portal farm. Tobias then goes shopping for fine flour in hopes to make a FAE to burn the island down. Being unsuccessful he goes to the boat. Virgil tries the sympathy route to get ahead in the plague line in hopes to heal his tongue which is now filling his mouth. Only being able to get up to the 3 hour mark he gets out of line and offers silver to the 5th in line to get ahead. He gets the cut in line but the healing does nothing. Then shortly before they set sail his tongue returns to normal.

They sail for 3 days and encounter a scout ship for pirates. Pastor after casting Long Eyes Lightning Bolts the ballista on their ship and then one of them, with a monocle of Long Eyes, Fireballs back. Pastor starts to fly over while Tobias jumps overboard and begins casting. Stepan goes below not wanting to be fireballed again while Tanis and Virgil watch as another fireball is sent at Pastor. Everyone on the approaching ship goes below deck are followed by the mage who was casting Fireball. By the time Tobias arrives and comes up from below the hull, the entire crew has disappeared. Pastor boards the ship and encounters Tobias milling around in the captains quarters looking for clues to the owners and their disappearance. The boat appears to be mostly striped except for some supplies.

After taking the left behind supplies they travel on to the island and moor the boat a few miles out and rest up from the Fireball. In the morning (closer to noon since Pastor sleeps in) they take a shadow dragon on from the ship to the cave mouth, after Tonsils flies over and checks out the beach. Arriving above the cave entrance they descend down ropes and fight off a handful of small demons and then travel down into the cave. Virgil gets bitten a lot, gets 2 ribs cracked and has his dagger broken by a Nicodemi. Pastor Tonsils flys down the tunnel ahead of the party and finds a side tunnel which he heads down. He eventually comes to a cavern with the vines they were looking for (and a few small demons). He takes a look around the chamber and finds some more scraps of clothing as he had found on the beach and using witchsmeller spots a rod in a pool of water. He thought moves it out and then goes about collecting some of the plant.

The rest of the party meanwhile goes straight down the cave choosing not to take the fork off the main cave and come out to another cavern after walking down a mile. With the odd encounter with a demon along the way. Tanis goes ethereal and flies across the chasm activating a enormous Flame barrier. He is ambushed by 2 bouncer demons and is thrown off the edge. After some falling he shades and comes back up to kill the demons. Tobias goes across to check out the throne while Pastor catches up after Sending the plants and rod he found off to a MemLocked place. They decide to fly down to chasm after seeing demons crawling up from below. Pastor flying lead with his dagger on some twine ahead of him, tries to pull up when the dagger light disappears but goes through a giant otherworld portal. He comes out into another dimension and flys toward to end of the tunnel after adjusting to a different direction for gravity. He then approaches a 1000' tall demon with a 500' long sword standing at the opening. He sees other portals and more of these huge demons in the distance. He then leaves back to Jearn. At this point Tanis is going to town on the demons scaling the walls. A few jump down to presumable their deaths. A few rounds later A shadowy winged creature comes up out and starts attacking Tanis even though he is shaded. Tanis flies away and Tobias Lightning Bolts its attention. It starts to attack him and Tanis tries a few spells out to mostly no effect. It breaks a claw and then is rendered blind and almost immobile if not for its shaded state of being.

Choosing not to stick around the party leaves the cavern and heads home. Garjek pays them each 2000 sp and takes the bag full of plants.

Pay out 1000sp for the mission 1000sp. Pastor takes the rod he found in the cavern to the Liston Mages Guild and they tell him what it does.

Noteworthy Postgame Events