January 15, 2022

Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli


The Dream Incursion - Episode 1: Code Red

Plot Synopsis

After responding to an urgent call-to-arms from the CIA, party found themselves travelling deep into the wilderness of Buyuk Vahsi to track down the source and motivation behind a sudden mass incursion into Cahyali on the part of the Winter Court, who has begun moving troops into the mortal plane in their efforts to find and apprehend the wayward Autumn Prince known as Melog. Arriving on the island, they engaged in diplomatic negotiations with the Winter Court General Mara Slo’An, accompanied by Flavio Torovich himself (he finally got out of the office smh). Presenting their arguments to Mara, they were able to secure her trust after a lengthy discussion, and the parties agreed to work together to track down and secure Melog, prepping him for transport back to the Autumn Court to face his responsibilities.
Preparing to move out from the island, the party quickly changed plans as a sudden wave of Umbra forces exploded out from the portal opened by the Winter Court’s sorcerers to move their troops, engulfing most of the Winterguard and surrounding the others. Leading the charge was an old friend, the renegade water mage Tassarion Liaydark, who was looking uncomfortably demonic all of a sudden. Maybe it was the 80-foot-tall body of shadow? The blazing red eyes? The massive obsidian glaive dripping with shadowfire? Eh, nah he’s probably just going through a phase. Anyways, they were quick to join battle with him, especially as Silas found himself at the opposite end of said glaive a few too many times. Tassarion didn’t care, he’s here for revenge, and what better way to get revenge than to torment the son of the man who helped you get captured?
After a lengthy and desperate fighting retreat, Tassarion had had enough. An attempt to charm Ayuz managed to succeed, at least until she was forcibly restrained by half her party. Deciding it wasn’t worth his time to stick around, he snagged Mara as an “important captive” and made his exit through the Winter portal, with the Umbra in tow. Notably, none of the Winterguard had been killed - it appeared as though the Umbra were taking prisoners. Giving chase through the portal, the party soon found themselves amidst the snowbanks of Rimewind, accompanied by Laera, a young Winter soldier who volunteered to guide them through the Dreaming. After the luckiest portal location in the history of every single plane (she’s still confused how Lorenze punched the right tree), the party decided to travel towards the Dawn Court and the city of Pelbriad, where they hope to find answers about what nefarious deeds Tassarion’s got up his sleeves this time…

Noteworthy Postgame Events