January 23, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Lauren Gardner


Strange figures have been seen and referenced in passing nearby areas of discontent and anger, figure out what is going on and find some way to rectify it.

Plot Synopsis

After the party converged on Fatima's ship and received a breakdown of the problem at large (strange figures causing issues and stirring pots that really should not be stirred) she began to offer them a few places where they could begin their search for these entities. However, party immediately hyper fixated on Helmsrest's unrest, and proceeded to practically teleport there in the Skyrunner. Upon arrived they attempted to contact the Tarusians since it seemed that the unrest mainly focused on them (Tarusians gaining more power in the government, internal power disputes, the Full Archivist searching for some powerful artifact). However, when Raj'kuk tried to use his acquaintanceship with Jerral to gain access to the archives, the doorkeeper informed him that Jerral had been removed from the archives for "inappropriate research." With no way to enter the archives, the party went to Helmsrest to research a variety of topics before inquiring about some of the happens around town (besides for the town still trying to rebuild itself after the pirate lord attacks and rioting). Here they discovered that an associate of Fatima's, which a few members of party had slightly looked into before, was to be executed in six days for a murder she claims she did not commit. Party, in a burst of righteousness (or false bravado, who knows) decides to race against the clock and try to find evidence to clear Sarah Frank's name and possibly find the true murderer before time runs out.

Noteworthy Postgame Events