January 22, 2022

Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli
Lorenz, and Fyen (respectively)


The Dream Incursion - Episode 2: City of Sights and Secrets

Plot Synopsis

Arriving in Pelbriad, our adventurers were quick to lay siege to the various shops found in this enchanting, otherworldly city. While catching Fyen up after she dropped out of a portal onto Rosie’s head, their guide Laera had mentioned that Pelbriad’s commercial specialty was jewelry, which naturally got Lavare all excited; Fyen and Lorenz went looking for fine clothing, Rosie and Silas went looking for food, and Ayuz and Barty went to visit Ambrose’s Fine Wares, a shop run by a former adventurer carrying all manner of tokens and talismans. Everybody found something cool, but the real winner of the day was Ayuz and Barty, who found a cat named Maple and an ancient Taurite relic (respectively) while Silas found something intriguing of his own (and also got a bit fucked up by Maple, since apparently Silas is a dog person).

Shopping spree in hand, they then proceeded up through the Rings to the office of the Grand Sage, in the Hall of Radiance, to seek answers and information about just what exactly Tassarion had become. They were successfully able to gain an audience with Sage McKelan and after a couple hours of orb pondering, they ascertained that Tassarion had in fact subjected himself to demonic possession, leading to his sudden increase in power. Silas entreated the Grand Sage to give them insight as to how to defeat or exorcise the mad elf, and the Sage revealed to them a powerful artifact known as the Bane of the Lightless, an ancient Dawn Court amulet that had the power to dispel otherworldly horrors. Laera immediately recognized it, for it was being kept in the depths of the Winter Court’s artifact repository; this news made her promptly dissociate and pass out, as the repository is located somewhere she’d rather never visit ever. The adventurers were able to console her and get information from her that now brings their many goals into one directional arrow pointing them towards their next stop: Rimewind Glacier, home of the Winter Court’s ruling faction and currently sheltering one of the deadliest creatures to ever enter the Dreaming…

Noteworthy Postgame Events