January 24, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Wyren, J.J., Zekra, Quill, Nys, Tippi, Wysteria


Session 2 of Witchlight Carnival

Plot Synopsis

Party continued from the previous session, asking more of the unicorns on the carousel about what they knew of Hours. After this, they went to the lake, where they saw a mermaid perform her song. During which, a heckler boo'd the mermaid, and was swiftly apprehended by Wyren and Nys. In doing so, they identify that this was Quills brother Ci, who had been missing for some time. He said he was here looking for their other missing brother, Klik, and that the carnival owners knew more. They talked back and forth, and decided to go straight to the owners in the staff after, unwelcomed. After failed disguises, a small fight broke out, resulting in a 'negative feedback loop' where the emotions of the carnival and its location in the Dreaming went from joy, to malevolence. In doing this, Hours and 'The One With A Thousand Eyes' were both released in the carnival, and into larger Jaern. The party fled deeper into the dreaming through the hall of illusions, as the carnival was destroyed behind them. The last thing one of them saw was Freyalise and OWATE, staring at them as they jumped through. "this is exactly what I wanted"

Noteworthy Postgame Events