January 22, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Evan (Ymir)
Steven (Spice)
Adam (Raiven)
Jack (Uthor)
Finn (Samuel)
Eric (Pakul)
Nick (Wyn)
Logan (Caiman)
Gilly (Chris)


Hook: Countdown Episode 2 ~ Continue capturing disarmed doomsday super weapons.

Plot Synopsis

Countdown ~ Game 2 Write Up:
Jan 22nd 2022

GM: Gabriel Welinder
1. Evan (Ymir)
2. Steven (Spice)
3. Adam (Raiven)
4. Jack (Uthor)
5. Finn (Samuel)
6. Eric (Pakul)
7. Nick (Wyn)
8. Logan (Caiman)
9. Gilly (Chris)

Plot Synopsis: Party revisits the mysterious hirer, is given new instructions and coordinates, then set off to The Guardian Range in Ley'Ork to recover the Equilibrium super weapon.

Rewards were 125 gold, 2650 exp (5000 for low rates), each person in party Party was allowed to pick a copy of either GXW027 or GXW028.

Noteworthy Postgame Events:
Party was successful in their mission; they retrieved the 'Creationists Laser Designator', their first "disarmed" superweapon, along with some minor enhancements (the magic items).

Noteworthy Postgame Events