January 17, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Wyren, J.J., Zekra, Quill, Nys, Tippi, Wysteria


"Hello. I'm sure some of you reading this will know who I am. but I need your help to end something, a friend from my past, another escapee of the one called Mr. Hours has reached out to me and is asking for my help. normally. I would not want to get other's involved as Hours is a dangerous manipulator and his followers, innocent people turned to villains and monsters all because of that sick twisted bastard. I can't do this alone however. meet me outside of the Ra'ite temple and I'll take us to where we need to go. be quick, don't travel alone, watch the shadows." -W.V.O

Plot Synopsis

*Game date is incorrect. this is meant to take place at the end of Dead Time spring 2022
Wyren, J.J., Zekra, Quill, Nys, Tippi, Wysteria all gathered together, at the behest of Wyren. He led them to a grove on the island of Centralia, where an elderly man named Maydrick Rosolf tended to his giant pumpkins. Maydrick explained to the party the situation he was faced. An archdreamt friend of his, from the spring court, named Zybilna, has been working on fixing and dismantling the cult of Hours (A prior bad guy, archenemy of Wyren, Nys, and JJ). She had started work a few months back, and had been in regular contact with Maydrick, who is a survivor of the Cult of Hours. However, she had gone missing about 3 months back, and Maydrick has grown concerned. Maydrick is not able to offer pay, as he is an old man in his 90's, but promised the adventurers that he thinks they will find things to make it worth their time. He told them that the carnival was beginning that night, and that they were welcome to rest in his home. Party did take the rest period to ask questions, commune with spirits, and rest.

After going to the carnival, the party was greeted by many sights, and they were extremely suspicious. Without going too in depth, they did the following things:
Bought tickets for 200 carnival visitors
Participated in the first hour gift giving
Went to the lost property booth and spoke with Delagren the displacer beast who runs it.
Went to the dragonfly rides, and stopped an attempted murder by a clone of Quill
Went to the feasting Orchard, where they spoke with Freyalise, Garen, and Zekra won the eating competition. He won a cupcake that has 1 charge of invisibility.
went to the carousel and repaired it, then spent the final hour of session asking the At'enite unicorn questions about what was going on, as he was incredibly helpful.

thats all.

Noteworthy Postgame Events