December 04, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Joel Gunderson
'Gorgeous' Jorjis Grott (The Ladies' Badass (Temporarily MIA))
Jennifer (If it's a mutate that is worth having, then I have it or can do it.)
Air Mage
Solen Baraduke
Baran Baraduke


Adventurers sought by Sepulcher in Karfelon for assistance with an ongoing problem. Good pay for hard work. Meet Solon Baraduke at the Drathorian at sundown.

Plot Synopsis

The party met Solon Baraduke at the Sepulcher in Rougtero. They discussed their mission and payment. Gorgis was selected to receive a certain artifact that would help them during the course of the adventure.

The party was informed that they would be fighting a great evil that was attempting to disrupt the normalcy of Infero. They were also informed that they would have to go to the CMG and pick up the artifact before traveling to the Sepulcher in Karfelon.

They picked up the item, went through the ritual of passage, and were let into Infero. They went to the keep of Anubis and met Baran Baraduke, Solon's dead brother. Baran informed them of their mission. They were to go to a temple on the edge of the Hell area of the Infero dimension and stop a ritual that would hurt the flow of souls in Infero.

After a quick conversation with Anubis, they were sent to the Hell section of Infero. There was a distraction provided by a source that was never explored that drew off a large portion of the demon forces at the ruined temple.

The party then proceeded into the temple. There was a pitched battle due to a lack of scouting, but the party killed most of the enemies and drove off the main servant of the evil power after losing a number of magic items due to a Revocate. They then were able to open up the receptacle that the demons were using to hold the souls stolen from Anubis. After releasing the souls, the warrior of Anubis who was stuck in the gem on the end of Gorgis' sword was released. He then sent the party back to Anubis, who paid them for their efforts by restoring some of the lost magic items and feeding them some life force.

Noteworthy Postgame Events