January 15, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Lauren Gardner
Samuel Bearington


Meet at the rendezvous point nearby Port Saleen.

Plot Synopsis

Professor Fatima Abiduan requested the aid of some adventurers to investigate the outbreak of violence in Port Saleen that appears to be connected with individuals going in and coming out of the woods. After breaking up a brawl and stealing some memories from a criminally insane murderer to find where she went in the forest, the party found the abandoned demonic gravesite in a forest clearing and proceeded to make a deal with the demon that if they trauma dumped their worst memories onto it, the demon would leave the town alone. After this seemed to work, the party returned to Fatima's ship to find her in a bout of insanity that seemed to be tied to her Coin of Anubis. After some more discussion the following morning after her mental facilities were back in relative order, she explained that the coins needed to be returned to their holding cell in the Beneath to avoid them further corrupting the world. She also explained that strange figures have been causing issues across the planes, and the Bloodwake, the ship of the Faceless One was found broken and marooned off the coast of Port Davis. She left them with decisions to make and a call to collect adventurers/the Coins of Anubis to descend down into the Beneath. Midna purchased three pieces of Milphite and Sabarium from the researchers for 18000 gp.

Noteworthy Postgame Events