January 16, 2022

Game Master


The Sun Gem

Plot Synopsis

With the weather continuing to get worse. the city of Midnight's Rest came together and asked for the help of adventurers to retrieve the sun gem. a massive crystal that would warm the city against the storm. after learning that the crystal was located in an abandoned mine on the Island that Midnight's Rest is on. through fighting through some undead dwarves and an Obsidian Elemental. The party was able to retrieve the sun gem. however the sun gem turned out to be a giant 50 foot fire elemental that also had a small connection to the god Ra. through some good diplomacy and a little bit of weed. they were able to convince the fire elemental to come join the city and warm the island and the city against the ongoing storm.

exp for game: 2,700

gold: 400

Noteworthy Postgame Events