November 20, 2021

Game Master
Eric Mokube


Dead Man's Waters - Operation Crab Rangoon, Session 11

Plot Synopsis

Well, they survived.
The Flaming Folley moves to pick up those thrown and/or jumped overboard. Barf claims that there are still two more of his friends that dropped, minus the captain. The whirlpool looks like it is not going anywhere, so the party go about and fish them out. During this, they pick up other things, like a couple of rings, a mossy cutlass, and a lot of clothes. Wynn even finds the captain's body, floating on a discarded wooden debris. He takes it back to the Flaming Folley for burial purposes but finds an uncomfortable urge to sing... and it's so horrendous that the captain regains breath just to ask him to shut up.
There is no sign of the most ambitious of the orcs, Switch. There is the chance that he went down the whirlpool just to snag the treasure. That ship MIGHT be the Azurzagar. Of the party that can still act... Medrir and Wynn find themselves the most alive to explore that sunken, but now exposed ship. Though the dinghy was destroyed by the crab's stray projectiles, and The Plan is naught for this world... so Medrir uses Wynn as a riding device. The others find themselves waiting... checking on the crewmates in the most critical of conditions. All is quiet for now, barring the unstable gun that still fires lightning out at random intervals. It explodes in the face of the crewmate ordered to hold it up after Bustog crafted a plug.
The pair of previously mentioned adventurers find their way through the whirlpool to solid group with the help of some breath gel and the gnome’s mad breath-holding skills, to be greeted by the ghost of Wilhelm Von Markduk. He's (was) a pirate who stole from other pirates and found the coin by chance, but the Azurzagar could not withstand the storms it called, and he's been bound to this place for 20 years... until someone was to take the coin and make sure it does not fall into Ishar's hands. Somehow, Medrir convinces Wilhelm that they are the best people to do so, because not only are they adventurers, but they are suicidal adventurers... which isn't too out of the ordinary, considering how they ran into Deadshell in the first place.
Hex continues fishing and sees a fast shadow zip by and cut his line. It was moving with the speed of a shark. They sure have run into a fair amount of those things now that he thinks about it. Bustog retires downstairs following a crafting scuffle between him and Hex, and Ark tells him about how he was able to create light with the rod. The two note that they both were inclined to learn psionics from a shady person doing something that irritated each of them, and Arc is wondering why he cannot progress much further in it. But they do not have time for that as the ship is under attack by two fearless undead... one of which getting shattered by a shark corpse and the other getting simultaneously gunned down by five separate people. That crewmate who took the blast from the musket exploding stopped talking after that confrontation.
The two back near the Azurzagar find their way up the rock after some trial and error and run into Switch, who was totally not going to backstab them by going after the treasure first or anything. The ship is upside down. Lined with coral... some old alcohol, dead ballistae, and... depth charges that they knew about near the treasure hoard. As Wynn notes this, a well-dressed skeleton leaps into the room from the ceiling (or bottom?), ready to steal all the treasure for a shark and holding the party at gun-depth-charge-point. Somehow, Medrir convinces him that they're "also working" for Ishar, learning from Wilhelm that non-undead were also conspiring with their enemy, and they can get the coin back much faster. The skeleton is convinced and leaves… to be quickly shot down by Hex on sight. The whirlpool closes, and the three escape, but are almost the prey of a bone shark that skeleton was riding... yet they get out of that, too, and are ready to apply the justice back at Port Davis.
No party will be held there, though, to Ark’s dismay... even though they have a LOT of dead crab carcass to go around.

Noteworthy Postgame Events