November 06, 2021

Game Master
Eric Mokube


Dead Man's Waters - Operation Crab Rangoon, Session 9

Plot Synopsis

The map shows a line straight through the island. So... Medrir and Wynn take the dinghy to the island... and enjoy the tropical fantasy until Wynn realizes that there are ghosts about. Lounging, walking, and have not witnessed them - save one. A human-esque person who has lost most of his memory. He's aware that he died, but isn't sure what did it to him. He asks if the group can remove his skeleton but doesn't know what it looked like. Wynn then hits a small surf shop, with a peculiar, still-living woman still wondering how to make everyone leave with silly-tasting drinks.
She "lets" Wynn call her Minwu, suggests to make this mysterious ghost that the group refers to as "Brett" remember how he died with what killed him - a stray cannonball. It works like magic - “Brett” recalls that he's, in fact, a dolphin trainer, but not what his name was. His death was unexpected - something was coming from the right and he got smacked in the right side of his face. Once they find the right skeleton (after they could find out which right his vision referred to) Brett notes something similar about the prism that Hex has, and once they activate it, two sparkling dolphins are summoned.
Medrir does not decide to go through with it, and instead successfully tames a pelican, upon whom he bestows the name Arkimeedies. And also the dolphin trainer, through the power of cuteness, is convinced to leave, and upon seeing someone go, the other ghosts seem to start looking outside of the island. Some leave... and the tropical paradise vanishes... just as the Flaming Folley was finishing a small trip around it!
The party receives a small burst of healing from Minwu before they continue, though the entire ship deck gets wet. The group kills another shark and finds a glamorous set of gear that welds into their armor, giving them the power of both protection and fashion. The Plan’s orcs are completely cool with how they celebrate this killing. Bustog even makes a mural of Arkimeedies. It only takes another hour to reach the center. No crab. They look around. No crab. They fish... and-

Noteworthy Postgame Events