October 30, 2021

Game Master
Eric Mokube


Dead Man's Waters - Operation Crab Rangoon, Session 8

Plot Synopsis

The rough night continues. Medrir fears for Phel's (and his own) condition, and decides to make port at Saleen for a little bit of rest. The Orcs commandeering The Plan aren't too keen on making a stop at port, so they wait at the other side of the island. Once the main group docks, Medrir catches a hint of a seagull and darts off. It's night, but Hex and Phel still find some people awake in an Isisite temple, and the female priest currently there, while unable to identify Phel's dagger, is in a focused enough state to begin healing the two's wounds.
Zebulon and Dorp do not take chances with the peaceful town, given that Medrir left to find some rations and then to tame a seagull, and the two see some birds flying towards them. Bustog and Wynn go in after him in hopes to not have adventuring shenanigans ruin this peaceful night. Specifically, Medrir looks in the darkest alley to find one, but the light makes it hard to see anything else. But up close... it's in fact an enemy, and steals the map off of Medrir.
As if one of Ishar's servants wasn't enough: as the three nomad-chasers catch up, they're all assaulted by a huge swarm of them, diving into the four at full force, as if the birds themselves were missiles! Before Wynn thinks to utilize an area attack, Medrir reclaims the map, and is then directly struck by lightning whilst trying to flee. One area attack is enough to turn the tables and kill [again] off a dozen of the evil birds, and the situation is soon taken care of.
The party finally takes a rest period, and wake up to see a large commotion in town from the remnants of the dead zombie seagull bodies. Time to leg it, they all think, and the Flaming Folly leaves the once-peaceful port of Saleen to meet back up with The Plan. Only nobody's there. Zebulon teleports onto the ship. Nobody's there. She goes downstairs to see one of the crewmates asleep, and a lot of fireworks and gunpowder - The Plan was rigged to explode!
And now with the "big surprise" ruined, the party is pointed to a swampy region inland that the other four crewmates entered, searching after a "falling star" of some kind. They must cross a muddy swamp! Zebulon teleports across it. They then find two of the orcs, stranded on top of a tree, threatened by a muddy shark! Bustog sets it ablaze... and the tree, just as Zebulon teleports on that, too. They then locate the captain. He's missing a hand. The captain claims that the falling star is very close! And close it is - it knocked a dolphin out of its little pond. Hex pushes it back in and retrieves the treasure, so now the captain agrees to continue following them, even though the surprise is ruined.

Noteworthy Postgame Events