October 23, 2021

Game Master
Eric Mokube


Dead Man's Waters - Operation Crab Rangoon, Session 7

Plot Synopsis

The Flaming Folley continues to move across the night, traveling across the edge of Maelstrom Bay until they come across a flashing set of lights in the east... which would mean going in there. A chance that this is a bad lure is always evident... but Dorp decides that they might as well check it out, and tread into the somewhat calm epicenter of a storm, Dorp and Hex keeping watch in case this was bait. Turning however... is a new experience to Zebulon and Hex with a slightly broken rudder.
The Plan checks in with the group to confirm that they're going into a thunderstorm with flammable cargo, but Dorp does take note of another object that's very likely a ship circling the place. The light signal's source is a partially capsized, but still floating, merchant ship. Phel and Wynn scout it as Dorp keeps watch. Said merchant ship has mostly weapons. One catches Phel's eye, as/but it's stuck in the wall. They're able to enter through a VERY large hole in the side of the ship, scattered with several other holes.
Wynn rescues a very agreeable tradesperson by the name of Ark. He tells of his plight: they had attempted to save time by taking an alternative route but had found themselves assaulted by another ship. He was the only one to escape their hallowed grasp and promises the party to set a fair split of gold from his profits should they rescue not only him, but his friends as well! He's not too bothered that they're outward arsonists.
Speaking of enemy ship users: the object catching Dorp's attention continues to circle them. They think to leave, but the rudder's still broken. The Flaming Folley spins out, and The Plan backs away. Hex moves underwater, still not revealing why the ship spun out to anyone. Only now does Dorp notice the object coming into view. It's a shark! No- a ship! A shark-like ship? Whatever- it's slithering at them at full speed! Battle stations are called! The shark-ship fires hordes of undead to keep them occupied as it closes in... its gaping maw ready to take a bite out of their ship and probably cause a massive explosion in the surrounding thunderstorm.
Eventually Hex realizes that they can just move out of the way and sets the shark-ship on fire using some of their bootleg moonshine. It's eventually enough to bring it down, and contact is averted!
...wait, weren't Ark's crewmates on that ship?
Never mind, they're fine. They procured a map that depicts the Sinner's Rest and give it to the party for saving them. A red line comes off the east and traces a path around sea creatures, passing an "X" on land, and leading to the center of the place. The group takes it and leaves Maelstrom Bay, though a flash of lightning trails them...

Noteworthy Postgame Events