October 16, 2021

Game Master
Eric Mokube


Dead Man's Waters - Operation Crab Rangoon, Session 6

Plot Synopsis

The party travels from Port Saleen to Port Davis, and during the trip, Medrir cooks soup that tastes like chicken and smells like cheese. It makes them smell a bit funny in the port, especially Bustog, who captures everyone's attention by accident in the first tavern he opens. None of them quite know exactly where the Azurzagar is located or if there's a weapon of mass destruction that can keep that crab off them. They do know where to look, and that'd be near all of the casino ships. This'd mean going back to the Beginner's Luck, and they don't want that.
So... they split up. Medrir forces Dorp to bet on a losing man whom Phel beats in a simple and totally not rigged game of cards. Said man was apparently the harbormaster and does know something about the ship, claiming that if there was any cargo that would float, it'd be the fancy cloth, some of which he recalls purchasing. Wynn passes by a trading company after getting an odd mission from a guardsman about some odd figures who were messing with large things. Said targets are orcs, and they're working alongside Dan to explore Sinner's Rest. They need an escort ship to even go there, and they claim that they have a plan.
So, the group reconvenes and goes along with the ship. Night passes, and they touch the edge of the Maelstrom Bay, where... of course, Zebulon notices the wheel is starting to act funny. Hex is ordered to go check, and it appears that a plant-like substance has latched onto the bottom of their ship. Their company also seems to have a similar problem. The group avoids a problematic crash before dealing with the plant beast's multitude of tentacles (which is an understatement, only Phel, Dorp, and Hex went down to fix it). It doesn't take their bootleg moonshine too well, and they defeat theirs. Their company burns their latched plant to death, which Wynn finds to be a delectable dinner.
Delectably paralyzing...

Noteworthy Postgame Events