September 25, 2021

Game Master
Eric Mokube


Dead Man's Waters - Escape from Eastbank Prison, Session 3

Plot Synopsis

Shortly after their meeting with Fatima, ThoOD's troOP of 11 decides to stay at the Silver Tavern for the night. They are offered free meals. Buföe gets there first... as the party is distracted by Tree forcing Falcon and Roderic into a high-toned state of mind, so much so that the starboard underside of the Bababooey catches on fire (there go the potatoes). That, and a supposed "time curse" that makes boats slower, though it is only a rumor that they pick up.
What does Buföe decide to do at a Tavern, currently hosting a small party in celebration of the many adventurers that are staying there? Get drunk.
And not just normal drunk; advanced drunk. He gets the barkeep to give him 75°OP (and tells him that his name is Tree), which gets the attention of the entire tavern. They give the closest thing they have to his desired 175 proof, and “Tree” downs 5 shots - close to the lethal dosage, before merely freezing up and passing out. The group pretty much takes that as a sign it's time to go to bed. ThoOD almost sleeps alone, whereto he is awoken by a large pounding on the door and finds another orc. He seems to know about his last purchase from "The Market". The late visitor tells the captain of a rogue shipment of 100 days' worth of meat, somewhere near Port Respite, and since ThoOD’s an adventurer now, they might as well help him somehow.
Ignita finds himself commissioned (by the group) to create a stove, so the group can cook while on the high seas (as their ship has taken days to get places at times). He rides waves of gossip to find a local builder in Helmsrest who mostly does repair jobs. With just one hands-on demonstration, Ignitia gains the skills (and saws) to lead the group into making a feasible stone furnace on the Bababooey. He is even able to craft a neat spyglass.
Gain supplies... fix flag symbol... get bullets... and the group is off! It doesn't take them a while before finding that Roderic's singing is audible throughout the ghost-ship. It also doesn't take them too long to find a stray ship sailing away from Port Respite! Ignita warps about half of the party onto the ship's deck, and soon finds himself impaled into the floor by an orc's spear. There were turncoats! But even with their heavy lance-handling, the group breaks the pirate orc group in a brutal assault, turning their impaling fury against each other. Before bailing, their leader sets his own precious ship on fire, well knowing that the payload is still inside…

Noteworthy Postgame Events