September 11, 2021

Game Master
Eric Mokube
Bufor the Beautiful


Dead Man's Waters - Escape from Eastbank Prison, Session 1

Plot Synopsis

Shortly after escaping the prison, the party finds themselves low on rations. Milloj snaps the neck of a stowaway pelican for food, and Tree fishes using a dagger attached to a rope. The next day, the party rescues a large lizard from the clutches of pursuing skeletons. Both gnomes attempt to kill the newcomer, Ignita, on sight, but Milloj forces peace between them. The group has a small night party over a large shark that the crew (led by Falcon) had fished up. The party arrives at the Sunkissed Pier, and are soon caught with the shark's leftover, boney remains. The nervous guard who found them orders them to go to Helmrest to register their ship so he can "overlook" their offense, so the group stocks up on supplies (including THOoD purchasing smuggled meat) to leave that night...

Noteworthy Postgame Events