January 12, 2022

Game Master
Richard Walls
Badigadi (Priest Lizard Six arms, 9ft tall)
Cyindir (Cinder) (Sacrifice everything for more power)


Substitute Soul Reaper Program - Allied Quincy Alliance

Plot Synopsis

Returning to the Bleach universe, the adventurers were drafted into escorting the C46 noble Kawata to negotiations with the AQA regarding their post-war reparations and upon arrival to the human world attracted the attention of assailing Hollows and loyalist Quincy (outside of the AQA.) Surviving both encounters, affording Ciara the opportunity to develop her blade into it's first matured form, they met with the AQA and reached an amicable settlement of Badigadi provided shinigami reinforcements to protect the recovering Quincy population with the agreement that when the population reached 10,000 members they would reconvene to discuss the agreement again. Further, Cyindr and Raik were voluntarily pierced by Emarr's arrow, knocking them unconscious and reformatting their souls to allow the attainment of a Quincy-like existence - limited by not being born a proper Quincy.

Noteworthy Postgame Events