January 01, 2022

Game Master
Eric Liu
Asp (Zoe Playtest)
Phaemus (Zachary Playtest)
Maiven (Adam Playtest)
Cliff (John Playtest)
Duvan (Bennett Playtest)


Investigate A Kleemudor Temple...

Plot Synopsis

At the Centralia Mages' Guild, one of the psion faculty, Dierdre Vyrex, is currently working on their thesis and proposal to act as The Seventh of the Center. This thesis proposes a unique natural occurring event that triggered a growth in psionic power across the planet of Kleemudor, which she has dubbed "The Awakening". Her research goes on to hypothesize that a similar event occured thousands of years ago on Jaern, which contributed to the awakening of psionic powers in the Onivero... however the Onivero have been difficult to work with, and field research on Kleemudor is extremely dangerous. However, equipped with a map to an ancient ruined Kleemudor "temple", Prof. Vyrex looks to hire a group of adventurers to escort her across the frozen expanse from a portal drop point to the cave. The surface is filled with dangerous predators and covered in a near never-ending blizzard, and unknown dangers await in the ruins…

Playtest EXP: 2700 to each player

Noteworthy Postgame Events