December 11, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)


Adventurers needed to help settle a grudge. If interested, help yourself to some candy.

Plot Synopsis

AFter eating the candy, each person finds himself standing in a cave. A fury green man sitting in an arm chair tells them to sit down and begins talking at them. He begins by explaining that Christmas time has arrived again and he has had enough of this nonsense once and for all. After a bit of a tirade, he gets to the point of bringing the group there to destroy Santa Claus and his workshops. For successful completion he offers them a large chest of gold and jewels.

The party is magically teleported to the North Pole and sees a large walled complex with many buildings. They begin trudging through the snow towards it. On the way, they notice a vaugly human figure approaching them. A little too late, they realize it is an animated snowman. The snow man forces them to dance with him for about half an hour, much to the displeasure of Roy. At the end of the dancing Roy gives Frosty a big ol' Fireball, thuroughly melting him. The snowman remains are placed in a looting sack.

Upon reaching the complex, they find the wall to be gaurded. Tyn flys up and is largly ignored by the toy soldier gaurds. The rest of the party heads to the main gates, which are gaurded by twenty foot tall soldiers. The party bravely elects Orlerno to go up and talk to the gaurds. He says he's here for the celebration and is let in. The party follows suit.

Upon entering the compound, the party finds a huge crowd of elves watching a central platform on which Raulst-like creatures are standing. After some brief inquiry, the party finds out that Santa will be leaving to deliver presents in only a few minutes. Roy begins to punt elves out of the way to get to the front with Kulov and Orlerno following. Eldain begins to punt his way up another route. Tyn flys over the crowd to try to find Santa to warn him of the Grinch's plot to get rid of him.

Darnell, comes up with an inspired plan of simply stoping the clock so it can never get to the right time to leave. He succeeds in breaking the clock while the rest of the party gets in position. Kulov throws a Lightning bolt through the Reindeer and combat ensues. One of the reindeer Brillient Flashes Kulov while the other Lightning Bolts him. Eldain desides to Fireball the stage. Elves flee in terror.

While combat continues, the gaurds on the walls begin firing upon the adventurers who have taken hostile actions. Kulov is rendered unconscious and Eldain is forced to surrender to save his life. Roy is convinced he is going to give santa a hug and proceeds to charge the stage, after a tasty elf snack. Unexpectedly, Santa removes a shotgun from under his sliegh seat and shoots Roy. The other reindeer proceed to maul Roy until he dies, upon which he crumbles into dust. While this is going on, Orlerno descided to try to run off with Santa's bag and is shot dead by the gaurds.

Darnell proceeds to enter the area to try to Soul Catcher Orlerno and combat begins to wind down. Santa seems dispondant at the seemingly senseless destruction. Darnell's attempt to help just make things worse. Darnell scoops up Roy's stuff and some of the dust, the rest being snorted by reindeer. And the surviving party members head out into the snow. Darnell uses his prearranged system to contact an aquaintance for help. After almost a day of freezing weather, abated by Eldain's use of magic, the spells Darnell requested arrive. The party uses those to teleport home.

Tyn calls in a favor to try to ressurect Roy. She is given a possible method but is warned it is unlikely to work, which is doesn't.

Exp - 2500
Payment - none

Postworthy notes:

Darnell fails to teach Santa the true meaning of stupid plans.

Noteworthy Postgame Events