January 10, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Midna, Silas, Lili, Pakul, Mercy, Axel, Spite


9/28/10078: Session 16 of Frøsland - Y'all know whats up

Plot Synopsis

This session opened with party resting inside Calix'Thules lair, having slain the Bloodthirster the previous session and going back in time. The party discussed what they wanted to do, and decided to go and confront Winter with the new information about the timeline. They did, and talked down Winter from his plan on killing Osiris. Summer was restored, and together the party managed to get Osiris' attention to solve the issue, summoning her to Frosland. Together, they sat down and talked about a restructuring of the priesthood, as well as destroying the beacon that was keeping them all trapped on Frosland. This was largely an epilogue section over a long period, and the party spend time rebuilding the cities of Frosland, as well as trying to remove the slavery issue of Frosland. At the end of the campaign, Osiris rewarded the players for their dedication with special items.
-end Frosland campaign-

Noteworthy Postgame Events