January 03, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Spite, Pakul, Midna, Mercy, Silas, Axel, Lili


Session 15 of Frosland - With Calix'Thule dead, a new challenger approaches!

Plot Synopsis

Session continued right after the previous session left off. A bloodthirster charged into the lair of Calix'Thule where the party was taking refuge. Pakul charged in behind (having been sick during previous session) informing them it was a fake. Investigation revealed this bloodthirster to be an illusion, with the real one stalking them. Both Astrid's showed up, much to the dismay of Silas who had tried to send them to a safe place. Party bickered for about 15 minutes, along with prep, before they felt the ground shake. An earthquake was caused causing a rift to open in the ceiling and floor. Only Mercy fell down into the hole. Silas grabbed Midna and began flying up with her. Lili flying up with her wings, and Axel using magic items to run up the walls. Using a magic item. Midna got Silas and Lili up to the bloodthirster, ending their turn in front of it. The bloodthirster, being a tricky enemy, jumped down the chasm into the lair, closing it behind, and attacking Osiris. Getting a natural 1 on its first strike sadly. From here, the battle took place with party members taking turns trying to get back into the lair, some via short port and others via running. Mercy teleported outside with Osiris, only causing a bit of cold damage. The bloodthirster, now enraged, began attacking the party. A hectic battle commenced, with it killing Lili. Upon its death, its blood began to pour out and move of its own accord. Freylise, (the atenite) had been panicking this whole fight that she 'couldnt see anymore' and went into a violent fit of magic. She called out to the party at the last moment, saying she can save them, to come to her as she drew a large eye on the ground. Casting a spell as the afflicted blood reached Osiris, she transported the party back in time 5 days, still within Calix'Thules lair.

Noteworthy Postgame Events