December 30, 2021

Game Master


The Fourth Order

Plot Synopsis

Party went to investigate a temple that belonged to the Fourth order of the Veiled empire. after surviving a few traps and fighting the demons that lived within the temple. party found a strange time piece that showed them a glimps of what is to come. they witnessed the one with a thousand eyes and saw the death of At'ena. they were soon given a choice by a group known as the Ordos Chronos and were given a choice. to become the guardians of the Past, or the Guardians of the Future. all but Man choose to become the Guardians of the Future. they soon met with the one who owned this Temple. the fire mage Razial. Razial gave them a map to an ancient machine made by the fourth order called the Weave of Time. an arcane machine that might give them an edge in combating the one with a thousand eyes.

Party deaths: Respar, but brought back to life.
gold: 300

exp: 2,700 for non low rates

Noteworthy Postgame Events