November 27, 2004

Game Master
Loren Ver
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)


Assistance needed to rescue an innocent, if interested contact Dane

Plot Synopsis

The party arrives and they meet up with Dane. He informs them that they will be rescuing a tinkerer named Brede that was captured by an opposing force and has him locked away in a castle on another world. He will escort them there where they can meet up with a scout named Sven. Payment of 1000 silver pieces plus looting anything that does not belong to the tinkerer was agreed upon and the party heads out.

After a bit of travel and several portals later (including a stop to gather some warmer clothes) they (excluding Dane) go through the last portal and met the scout and his ox. He informs them that is will be about two days travel and they are welcome to ride in the cart. Everyone but Tyn takes him up on his offer, being that in a few minute she will crush the cart.

On the trip the scout gives them other small tidbits of information, most of which are old rumors about how the castle was formed by a god long ago named Doolin. They are also told that Brede has been held there for about five years and there have been some unsuccessful attempts to get him back. After dark they decide to camp for the night. The next day it is decided that Tyn and Selina should go scouting while the other two (who can't get small) continue to ride with the cart.

Once at the castle the two enter through a window on the tallest tower (the only tower with windows) and head down the stairs. They notice that there are very shiny ceremonial guards on the top few levels and then on the lower lever there are guards wearing black armor.

They then proceeded to search the other towers using the catwalks. This goes about rather uneventfully except for Tyn being grappled by a shadow on the ceiling. In order to escape she dropped her endwarf and then proceeded to claw her way up the slightly too small stairwell. While all this is going on the scout decides to take a nap and leaves Daglon to guide the cart. After some time the ox decides to go about eating instead of walking. Both Daglon and Dom are unable to coax the beast so they let it eat until the scout wakes back up.

They return to the cart with what they have discovered, they then decided to have Selina grab a guard so that they can ask him about their target. Selina returns to the castle and grabs the first shiny guard she comes across. Upon her return they discover from this guy that he is basically what he appears to be, a ceremonial guy. He's only been on the job a few weeks. He has heard the name of the man they are looking for, but has no good information about him. He does give them the location of several workshops and the names of the people that run them. Tyn decides to go back to the castle to get a real guard. Selina also returns to cause trouble.

Once Tyn returns with the guard Daglon tries to befriend him and tell him that they are going to escape together. He also informs the guard that the Draco and the dwarf don't speak the language. Taking the hint Tyn and Dom start talking in random languages they happen to know. This almost seems to work except that after a few minutes Dom asks Tyn a question in Paroli. They change tactics and after much arm twisting and they find out the room where Brede is kept and how to get there.

During all this Selina is back at the Castle. She finds one of the workshops that Brede had been at and finds a young man working there. Selina begins making inquiries. The apprentice seems quite confused by the disembodied voice and inquires as to who is there. Selina announces herself as Aaron the Mighty and demands to know when Brede would be back. The kid goes off to ask his master. After a few minutes a group of guards returns. A little combat ensues and one of the guards dies a rather bloody death. Selina is then Halt Timed by one of their mages.

Back at the cart the party waits for Selina's return, not knowing what she is up to. After waiting several hours it is decided that Dom and Daglon should head into the castle to find Brede while Tyn gets to play distraction. In preparation Tyn gathers some good-sized rock for throwing.

Once back at the castle Tyn begins hitting people with rocks and making them very unhappy, killing several of them. Daglon and Dom head inside after breaking many windows as a distraction. They do come across severals guards and manage to kill them off. They then spend some time hiding in a closet to avoid the guard movements. They finally reach the hallway where Brede's room is and they find it full of guards as well as what might possibly be mages. Dom "sees" into the room and finds an old man inside, but the man doesn't look quite right. Believing him to be a decoy they head back out.

They regroup with Tyn who is happily breaking windows and bombarding people with rocks. While discussing options Selina arrives. She explains that she was probably Halt Timed but they were unable to capture her when the spell was dropped. She decides to go in and have a talk with the poser. Once there she begins talking to him and then lightening bolts him in the back. He takes off running. After more spell casting and the like she leaves to join the group again.

As a group they decide that the mission will have to remain incomplete because they have no information as to where Brede may have been taken.

Noteworthy events
Both Daglon and Dom is thwarted by an ox.

Eeps 2500

Noteworthy Postgame Events